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About FCP Training

Frontline Community Protection was born from a culmination of my professional experience of managing support services within the Enabling, Homelessness, Criminal Justice and Mental Health Sectors and a long held passion for self-protection training and teaching in my personal life.

As a Manager of large teams of staff in both community and accommodation based support services I have been responsible for ensuring the safety of staff and service users through effective risk management and interventions.

My first Personal Safety and Lone Worker Training Course came about as a result of a chance conversation with a Manager from another service with whom I had been working in collaboration on a new community project. The course was designed to meet the broad needs of statutory and third sector organisations involved and the feedback was very positive. The rest as they say is history. FCP has continued to grow and is now looking to work with organisations who require specialist Physical Intervention, Conflict Management, Personal Safety and Supervision Skills Training.

The most common feedback I receive, whether delivering training for FCP or as a free-lance trainer, is that I have managed to pitch the training so that those attending can really understand how the practical skills and legal principles can be applied in the real world at work. The training is engaging because both I, and the trainers I use to deliver the training, are passionate about the safety of your staff and those whom you serve.

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Dan Stevens
Director, FCP Ltd

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