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Training For Schools

Training For Schools

FCP offer a range of bespoke Intervention packages for teaching staff to manage challenging behavior and ensure the safer handling of children and young people. Our courses will typically cover

Legal Briefing on the Use of Force

This is a 1.5 hours course covering the legal framework, managing risks & reducing/avoiding the instances of physical intervention. This is open to all staff including governors, teachers, teaching assistants, and all those who come into contact with children and young people at your school. You will understand, Use of Reasonable Force, Human Rights Law, Searching, Time-out, Deescalation, and Reporting and Recording Incidents.

Safe care and control

These PI skills have been medically and legally reviewed, are simple to learn and re-call under pressure. The PI element covers low-level to higher level interventions depending on your needs and your school. The session covers the following: Specific risks relating to your pupils, Your environment, Break-away, Safe Holding and moving, Seated Intervention, Safe disengagement. This can be delivered as half day session or ‘twilight’ session to fit in best with your requirements.

Behavioural Support for Children

FCP offer bespoke training and support to manage conflict and reduce the need for physical interventions. One size does not fit all, so putting the child at the centre of our approach, we can provide risk assessment and practical behavioral support approaches for all children, including those with Special Educational Needs. It is before and after the conflict that we can learn the most. This knowledge is essential to reducing the instances of physical intervention, and ensuring the best outcomes.

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