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Supervision Skills Training

Effective Supervision is crucial to manage risk, promote safety and support the performance of operational staff.

FCP Supervision Skills training has been designed to empower participants to become more effective Managers/Supervisors. Supervision is a requirement under Health and Safety legislation, and is part of your organisation’s responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your staff and service users.

FCP’s Supervision Skills training will help you to:

  • Increase your understanding and awareness of the function of supervision

  • Understand the supervision process and the framework that underpins it

  • Develop your interpersonal skills in relation to providing effective supervision

  • Enhance your listening and questioning skills

  • Raise awareness of yourself and your own learning style

  • Grow in confidence and competence as a Supervisor

The material is based on proven principles and will support the identification of ‘what’ is required to meet your objectives, and ‘how’ in collaboration with your staff you will work through, and manage challenges, in order to meet targets and increase performance.

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